If you'd us to find out about joining the Socialist Party you can enter your details here.

To contact the Socialist Party in Bristol you can get Tom Baldwin on 07986 951527 or You can also contact him on Twitter: @TomAgainstCuts

For information about the North/East Bristol branch contact Mike on 07881 417218 or

For information about the South Bristol branch contact Richard on 07791 471888 or You can also reach him on Twitter: @19rbw17

Details of Socialist Party meetings in Bristol can be found in the Meetings section.

The Socialist Party relies on the efforts of its members to be an effective campaigning organisation. If you like what we have to say then we hope you will consider joining us too. We ask that members attend our meetings when possible, read and write for our weekly newspaper - The Socialist, pay a regular membership subscription and help with our campaigning activities. The amount of time and money you contribute is decided by you and based on your circumstances. Everyone can play a useful role in building the socialist alternative.

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