Wednesday, 13 April 2011

NSSN: Saltend workers lock out update

On Sunday 10 April, at ACAS talks, Vivergo refused to talk to union officials representing the 400 locked out Redhall workers, unless they called off the daily protests at BP Saltend, near Hull. 
The next day, Monday 11th, Vivergo got their answer when Redhall workers blockaded the gates, then invaded and closed the site, and later blocked the roundabout causing traffic to tail-back miles to the city centre. 
Whilst last Wednesday’s call for solidarity strike action at other construction sites did not come off, delegations joined the Protest at the gates from West Burton, Conoco, LOR and Drax, and the Teeside lads picketed ICI Wilton causing 3-4 mile tail-backs. 
And in a show of solidarity, the Interserve and Doosan repair and maintenance workers at BP Saltend refused to cross dispute lines and stayed out all last week. Also the electricians and scaffolders who had been put on “gardening leave” for 4 weeks refused to cross on Thursday and Friday when called back to work.
Employers are now threatening sackings of those standing in solidarity with Redhall workers.
The trade unions must make it clear that if any other worker is sacked as a result of this action, then the whole industry will be brought to a halt. We cannot allow victimisation of workers taking basic trade union solidarity action.
Pressure from below has finally forced an emergency (after 6 weeks!) NECC national industry stewards meeting to be called for next Monday 18th in Leeds specifically to discuss the Vivergo/Redhall lockout.
This meeting must take the bull by the horns. The lockout is a blatant attack on the NAECI agreement and TUPE rights. If Redhall workers are not re-employed, then this will give the green light to all employers to attack and sack other construction workers.
The NECC must name the day for a national stoppage of all NAECI sites. Stewards at all sites  should invite Redhall workers to mass meetings to explain what’s really happened and dispel the myths and rumours that have been circulating. This will prepare the way for a successful national strike which should be extended if the employers don’t back off and re-employ the Redhall workers.
BP, who have a 40% stake in Vivergo, have their company AGM in London this Thursday 14 April. Coach-loads of locked out workers are going to protest. As one Redhall worker put it “The ‘little men’ are going down to London to show them who’s boss”.

Join the protest at the BP AGM:
10:30am onwards on
Thursday 14th April 2011
outside the
Send messages of support to Keith Gibson:

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