Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tory MP claiming £145,387 expenses slanders the unemployed

Since the article was written, similar attacks have appeared in the Sun and the Indepdent, please sent letters of protest to the editors and post comments to help refute these Tory slanders.

Nasty party reveals true attitude to unemployed youth

Young people marching from Jarrow to London were amused by the pack of lies being printed in tomorrows telegraph, and surprised that the conservative partys publicity department would allow such a show of their true face.
Ben Robinson, marching from Jarrow to London said “Young people have long known that the priviledged elite ruling Britain today live on a completely different planet to them, and Robert Goodwill, MP for Scarborough has revealed how true that is today. His disgraceful comments implying that all young unemployed do is watch Jeremy Kyle is a real kick in the teeth for those who are day after day searching for jobs. There have been a number of tragic cases of suicides of those who after hundreds of job rejections, and Robert Goodwills comments reveal huge depths of cynicism that lie at the heart of the Westminster. Perhaps if he did not receive £145,387 in expenses in 2008 he would have more understanding of what the situation young people is.”
“Richard Alleyne, the author of the article, perhaps should start by fact checking, and speaking to those on the march. We had a demonstration in Jarrow on Saturday which was attended by around 500 people – however, it was always going to be the case that there was a far smaller number of core marchers, around 20-30. As a march of unemployed people, of course we are organising trips to sign on and for interviews; you would hope that the MPs would welcome this display of pro-active job seeking. However all have returned to the march and are determined to make it through to the end. We would like to invite all concerned with this article to join us on Wednesday 12 October, as the latest set of unemployment figures are published and we march from Barnsley into Nick Cleggs constituency in Sheffield, or if they are worried about how sore their feet would be perhaps they could take the short march through London when we arrive on 5 November, assembling 12 noon embankment. There will be many young people from all walks of life who will be more than happy to expain what life is like in the real world.”
The Jarrow march is sponsored by eight national trade unions, including RMT, PCS, CWU, FBU, Unite, UCU, TSSA, Bectu and has been joined by countless trade union activists, young people, students and more.

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