Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy detained by Israeli Army

Flotillas blocked and activists detained – Send protests urgently!

Socialist Party MEP, Paul Murphy, has been detained by the Israeli Army, along with other activists from the MV Saoirse and the Canadian boat the Tahrir.

The boat had been part of the Freedom Waves flotilla that attempted to travel to Gaza in solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people and to deliver humanitarian aid. The blockade is in its fifth year and is illegal. This collective punishment has led to untold hardship for the Palestinian people as vital medical supplies and building material is not allowed through.

A protest has been called for this evening in central Dublin in solidarity with the detained activists.

The CWI appeals to readers to immediately protest to Israeli embassies/authorities, demanding the immediate release of Paul Murphy and all other activists from the Saoirse and Tahrir.

The earlier report from

Israeli warships block Gaza solidarity flotilla
Ship radio communication cut

In next few hours, the Irish ship, ‘Saoirse’ (Freedom), along with a Canadian vessel, are expected to enter Gaza Strip waters to try to break the blockade on the territory that has been imposed by Israeli government since 2007. Paul Murphy, Socialist Party Member of European Parliament (MEP), representing Dublin, is on board the Irish boat and has been sending regular live reports on its progress. However, all communication from the ships, including satellite communication with the press, was cut off last night. The last information we received from Paul was at 7.30pm, yesterday evening, when the flotilla was in international waters, around 200 miles from Gaza.

According to the last report, Israeli warships were seen in the distance and Israeli spotter planes were also observed flying overhead. Crew and passengers on the ship feared for their safety. An Israeli government official told Reuters, on Wednesday, that Israel, "will take whatever measures will be necessary" to maintain its blockade. Nine people were murdered when Israeli commandos stormed the flotilla in May last year.

The Committee for Workers International demands an immediate end to the siege of Gaza. We demand that Israeli authorities allow all communication with the two boats trying to deliver aid and immediately halt its military action against them. We support the emergency demonstration called in support of flotilla that has been called for 6pm today, in Dublin.

The article was published on on 2nd of November by Paul Murch before his detention

Gaza: Socialist MEP Paul Murphy once more en route to break the blockade
Breaking News: New freedom flotilla enters international waters

Paul Murphy MEP, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

As news breaks that a new flotilla to reach Gaza has set sail we publish the latest from Paul Murphy MEP who is on the Irish ship.
"Stopped by sabotage of the Irish boat and then the Greek imposed extension of the blockade of Gaza in the summer, I am setting sail again with the Irish Ship to Gaza. The aim remains the same as before – to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza who are being suffocated by Israel’s blockade, and to raise the issue of the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, which amounts to a collective punishment of the people of Gaza.

Since our last attempt, much has changed around the world and in the region, however, unfortunately the conditions of the people of Gaza have not changed a bit. The horrifying figures published by the UN and other international humanitarian and human rights organisations this year remain valid – with roughly 80% of the population relying on international aid in order to survive, 65% of people living below the poverty line, 52% of people being food insecure and an unemployment rate of nearly 40%. There remains a massive shortage of building materials, which means much-needed schools and hospitals are not built, and the drinking water continues to be contaminated and unfit for consumption. Those in need of specialist medical treatment are unable to avail of it because of the unwillingness of the Israeli state to allow in medical equipment."

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