Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Revenue & Customs workers' lunchtime strike

By Nick Chaffey - http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/articles/13323/13-12-2011/revenue-amp-customs-workers-lunchtime-strike

As part of national industrial action on Monday 12 December, angry civil servants at HMRC Southampton held a lunchtime car park 
strike meeting to rally support for the continued attacks on sickness

PCS rep Dave said: "Members are angry at the attempt to make 
sickness a disciplinary issue and means members are coming into work ill
 and in some cases taking leave days rather than report sick.

"We will
 continue to support action on this issue. We need to build on the 
support for 30 November, 80% came out here.

"I think we now have to
 consider escalating the action". Other workers raised the lack of trust people have in
 politicians and all the arguments put around to justify the cuts.
 Support for a united stand against all cuts got a good response as well
 as the need to stand anti-cuts candidates against the cuts 

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