Saturday, 31 March 2012

Galloway victory shows potential for challenges to the main parties

In a press release today, Trade Unionist and Socialist London list candidate Nick Wrack said:

George Galloway's overwhelming win in Bradford West shows that Labour can no longer take its working-class voters for granted.

Labour has paid a huge price for its support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and its endorsement of the government's austerity policies.

He added:

Millions are facing cuts, unemployment, pay freezes and the privatisation of public services they depend on, while millionaire bankers and bosses continue to pick up massive salaries and bonuses.

Why should ordinary people pay for a crisis they didn't cause? There is a deep discontent with the three-party consensus and this result shows that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition has a real chance to win seats in the London elections on 3 May. Labour should be prepared for another upset.

In Liverpool, TUSC mayoral contender Tony Mulhearn commented:

I applaud George Galloway's victory, which symbolises a total rejection of the policies of the Con-Dem government, and a recognition that New Labour no longer represents the interests of working people.

Tony added:

This underlines the need for a mass movement to provide a real anti-cuts alternative in the interests of the 99%, which I and my colleagues in the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition intend to provide at the mayoral and council polls on the 3rd of May.

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