Friday, 29 June 2012

BADACA Statement On English Defence League March


Statement On English Defence League March

Bristol & District Anti-Cuts Alliance opposes the proposed march by the English Defence League through Bristol on 14th July.

In our fight against the cuts, our unity is our strength - unity between races, religions and communities. The EDL aims to divide people along religious and ethnic lines, weakening us in our campaigns. In particular they target Muslims, promoting a climate of Islamophobia. They have also attacked trades union demonstrations and pickets. The real divide is between the 1% and the 99%; between the small minority who own and control our society and the rest of us.

The racist EDL, which has fascists at its core, encourages people to look for scapegoats to blame for the current economic problems.. There is a housing crisis – but this is caused by a failure to build more houses that people can afford to rent & buy, not by immigrants. There is a jobs crisis – but this is caused by decades of lack of investment in the economy. Building a million council houses would help solve the housing crisis and the jobs crisis. This would be a better use of money than giving billions to the bankers whose years of speculation helped cause the current situation. In fact, the EDL's backers include a millionaire banker.

The government's austerity policies push people into the arms of groups like the EDL. Standing up to the EDL and its backers is closely linked with the fight against cuts and privatisation. To defeat the EDL will require united action from the people of Bristol. We believe it is a mistake for people to turn their backs and pretend that the racists will go away as the police and city council are keen for us to do. The presence of the EDL in Bristol could scar the city for years to come.

BADACA will be supporting the rally and march organised by We Are Bristol on Saturday 14th July, assembling by the fountains on the Centre at 11am. We call on all our supporters to join us and to encourage others to do the same.

28th June 2012

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