Wednesday, 20 November 2013

George Ferguson’s ‘Vision for Bristol’ examined

Bristol’s elected mayor George Ferguson announced his ‘vision for Bristol’ behind the closed doors of a ticket-only event. The well-heeled audience was treated to honeyed words about thriving people and flourishing communities. But talk is cheap, his willingness to slash jobs and services at the request of the Con-Dem government shows what we can really expect.

We take a look at what he said and what we think he really means…

“I have spent the last year listening to people across our communities.”

… and then doing exactly as I please. I’m only consulting on half the cuts I’m making.

“Many feel stuck… in jobs with no prospects. Or worse still in no job at all.”

And another 1000 will be soon, once I make my redundancies.

“I’m the most travelled UK mayor – even more than Boris”

I love going on tax-payer funded jollies

“I am driven by a strong belief in public services”

…which I’ve already cut by £35m, with another £90m cuts coming over the next 3 years.

“Great cities help us to feel connected.”

I’m cutting wardens in sheltered accommodation, support for older people, funding to community groups, community transport and subsidies for night and Sunday buses.

“And of course, Bristol’s homegrown Hargreaves Lansdown.”

I love billionaire tax avoiders.

“We need to define being a green city in our own image.”

I’m cutting the maintenance of our parks, pollution management and anti-fly-tipping work.

“There are many haves – including most of us here – but far too many have nots.”

I’m glad I’m saying this in front of my own people, not too many oiks who might criticise me.

“We must ensure that all citizens have access to high quality education”

I’m cutting libraries and museum services.

“We must do what we can to ensure all citizens are able to enjoy good health and well-being.”

I’m cutting parks, sports development, sports centres and supervised play areas.

“We must ensure Bristol people live in decent affordable homes.”

But I’ll evict you if you can’t pay the bedroom tax.
“The lion’s share of the work in others will fall on the shoulders of the private and voluntary sectors.”

Even more of your services will be handed to profit making private companies. Or maybe voluntary groups, except I’m cutting their funding too.

“We have no choice – we have to present a balanced budget”

Never mind ‘Putting Bristol First’, when the Tories say jump, I ask how high.

“We must make the council more responsive by cutting bureaucracy, unnecessary and expensive meetings”

I don’t like being scrutinised by councillors or the public, all this democracy gets in the way of me doing what I want.

“We live in a world where people can collectively and immediately express their views through social networks”

If you’re not on the internet you won’t have a say. You can go online at your local library, except I might be closing it.

“Bristol should be a place… where communities flourish.”

“I’m cutting the funding for community groups and the St Pauls Learning Centre.

“I give myself 7 out of 10. So, what might I have done differently to earn 9 out of 10?”

I can’t count to 10

What a study in hypocrisy. If you want candidates who do what they say and really will stand up for Bristol and oppose all cuts, then support Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts.

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