Wednesday, 29 June 2011

East Bristol Socialist Party Eve of Strike Meeting

Socialist Party Eve of Strike Meeting 
Strikes Can Make a Difference
Speakers (in a personal capacity): 
Mark Baker, PCS 

Wednesday June 29th  
Cross Keys Pub,  
Fishponds Road, BS16 3BA 

June the 30th will see a co-ordinated strike of public sector workers that will shake the ConDem government. Civil servants, teachers and lecturers have balloted to strike against the attacks on public sector pensions and public services. The National Union of Teachers has voted 92% in favour of the action, while the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has voted 83% in favour of its first ever strike. On the eve of this historic action East Bristol Socalist Party will discuss the significance of the strike and how to go forward. Is there an alternative to austerity? Can industrial action really stop the cuts and bring down the ConDem coalition? Can there be a better world? The Socialist Party believes that all of these things are possible, but only if we organise together to end capitalism and build a socialist world.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION or to join the Socialist Party, CONTACT MATT GORDON (Branch secretary) on 07936712962 or

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