Thursday, 9 June 2011

Greek Trade Unionist among speakers at NSSN conference - this Saturday

National Shop Stewards Network Conference
Saturday 11th June 2011
South Camden Community School, London, NW1 1RG

The National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) has announced that Apostolis Kasimeris a member of the Executive Committee of the Union of Public Transport Workers in Attica (Athens and Pireaus region) will speak at their 5th annual conference. While the main themes of the conference will be supporting the pension strikes on June 30th, defending the NHS and fighting the anti-union laws - the presence of Apostolis will bring home to delegates the incredible resistance of working people on an international scale this year.

As NSSN Chair Rob Williams explained:

"Its amazing to think that in just 5 months we've seen revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia and throughout the Middle East and North Africa and a mass movement of workers in Wisconsin and other cities in the USA to defend basic union rights. Now we have the occupation of the city centre squares in Spain, Greece and other European countries. We're delighted to welcome Apostolis as the Greek workers are an inspiration for their struggle against austerity attacks because of the financial crisis, as here caused by the bankers. They're holding their 10th general strike on June 15th and Apostolis's members were on strike for 3 months earlier in the year."

Other speakers at the conference include:
RMT President Alex Gordon;
PCS President Janice Godrich;
Victimised London tube drivers Eamonn Lynch & Arwyn Thomas;
CWU London District Officer Mark Palfrey, who will be speaking about the threatened closure of three London mail centres.

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