Saturday, 9 July 2011

FISHPONDS AGAINST THE CUTS - Public Meeting Wednesday 13th July

FISHPONDS AGAINST THE CUTS What next after the Pensions Strike?  

Wednesday 13th July - 7.30pm
The Vassall Centre,  Gill Avenue,  Fishponds,  BS16 2QQ 
Public sector unions went on strike on June 30th to defend their pensions, including many teachers, lecturers and civil servants from the Fishponds area. But living standards are in grave danger for everyone and more action is needed if we are going to stop the cuts. Bristol City Council intends to cut £41 Million from its budget and will not protect jobs and front-line services with cuts of this scale. £290K will be cut from the library budget, Community Support Officers are being cut, and other cuts will affect housing, schools...even pest control! All political parties on the Council agree with cuts. Fishponds Against The Cuts believes that local people should defend their jobs and services themselves. This meeting will plan action for our campaign, with speakers from local unions, including Andy Pryor, NUT. Contact Matt Gordon for more info: or 07936712962

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