Monday, 5 November 2012

Report from Socialism 2012

Socialism 2012 Rally - photo by Senan

Socialism 2012 An inspirational weekend of socialist rallies, discussion and debate took place in London over the weekend 3-4 November, organised by the Socialist Party. Despite the fact that Socialist Party members and supporters were out in force just two weeks before for the national TUC 20th October anti-austerity demonstration, Socialism 2012 was very well attended. Rally at Socialism 2012, 3-4 November , photo Paul Mattsson (Click to enlarge) Two large rallies took place in Friends Meeting House, Euston, on the Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon and there were three sets of smaller sessions giving an opportunity for everyone present to discuss and express points of view. Bob Crow speaking during the Socialism 2012 Saturday rally, photo by Senan (Click to enlarge) The first rally welcomed transport union RMT general secretary Bob Crow onto the platform, who opened the event with a rousing speech against the Con-Dem government and in favour of a one-day general strike against its attacks. He was followed by excellent speeches from: Assistant general secretary of the Prison Officers Association Joe Simpson; Socialist Students organiser Claire Laker-Mansfield; Participant in the recent South African miners' strike movement in South Africa Alec Thraves; and General secretary of the Socialist Party Peter Taaffe. Socialism 2012 rally, photo Paul Mattsson (Click to enlarge) Addressing the second rally, were: General secretary of the Fire Brigades Union Matt Wrack; Assistant general secretary of the RMT Steve Hedley; Chair of the National Shop Stewards Network Rob Williams; President of the DWP group in the Public and Commercial Services union Fran Heathcote; and Deputy general secretary of the Socialist Party Hannah Sell. Over £17,000 was raised in the financial appeal made by Alec Thraves during the Saturday rally. If you weren't present, you can still add your donation to this important appeal; see and click on 'donate' below. A fuller report of the weekend will be posted soon.


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