Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bolivia - Solidarity for attacked trade unions

This is the English translation of the summary of events and appeal for solidarity by Juan Gabriel Rodriguez, a comrade of the CWI in Bolivia:

On 16 February the transport workers, who are controlled by the right wing, marched demanding increased charges for transportation. This sector violently attacked the Federation of Factory Workers and have destroyed the offices of the Federation of Neighborhood Organisations, they have stolen money from federations including federations for retired workers and have threatened to take more measures to impose pressure for higher fares.

The Federation of Factory has decided not to respond with violence or attack public transport drivers, but they have called a march for Friday February 18 which will be supported by all the workers and popular organizations in the country.

In this sense Alternativa Socialista Revolucionaria is appealing to the CWI and trade unions across the world, asking for a vote of resolute support for Cochabamba factory workers and solidarity with all the exploited people of Bolivia.

Please send messages of support and solidarity to and we will deliver them to the workers.

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