Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bristol Socialist Party meeting - 15th Feb 7.30pm

Bristol Socialist Party: From Tunisia to Yemen - the Arab world rebels

Tuesday 15th February 2011


Cheltenham Road Library, Bristol, BS6 5QX

Martyn Ahmet will introduce a discussion about the uprsisings in Tunisia, Jordan, Yemen and, above all, Egypt! He will ask why Britain and other capitalist powers who have backed dicators across north Africa and the middle east are suddenly becoming friends of 'democracy'? Can these revolutions lead to the establishment of healthy democracies? What role will the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and other religious parties play? How can the workers of the Arab world make their voices heard? And what does this mean for the conflict in Israel and Palestine?
Events in Egypt have been momentous and breath-taking – at the CWI congress last year, we said this about Egypt: Much more than previously the economic situation is preparing big social and political movements...A number of possibilities for the future are posed in Egypt. A mass uprising could blow the regime away with the main inheritors of what could follow, grouped around the Muslim Brotherhood. An Iranian-type development could take place. Mubarak’s son is in place to succeed him. But a new strongman from within the regime could rule the roost – such as the present head of internal security (Sulieman) – after Mubarak disappears from the scene.” This dialectical analysis has proved to be far more accurate than those of capitalist commentators, but no one could have predicted how quickly the Egyptian people have surged forward to overthrow the Mubarak regime! But now that he has gone, will the people allow their revolution to be stolen or will it continue? Who will draft the new constitution and meet their demands, if not a revolutionary assembly of the people themselves?

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