Thursday, 10 February 2011

NSSN Anti Cuts Campaign Launch Monday 14th Feb...STOP THE CUTS!

Statement from Rob Williams, NSSN vice-chair & anti-cuts committee:

Dear brothers & sisters,

The ConDem cuts are beginning to bite with councils starting to announce thousands of redundancies. However, the maginificent movement of the students has shown that the cuts can be confronted both locally and nationally. As we countdown to what we are sure will be the huge TUC demonstration on March 26th, it is clear that we need an anti-cuts movement that is united in opposition to all the cuts that affect working people and their communities.
After an open and democratic debate at our conference on January 22nd, the National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) agreed to launch an anti-cuts campaign to reach out to working-class communities and young people. At our first committee meeting last Wednesday, we agreed to write to all those organisations fighting the cuts both locally and nationally to offer our assistance in building this united movement. In this spirit, we've also written to the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group, encouraging them to reconvene a meeting between them and the anti-cuts organisations.
We agreed to support the demonstration being organised in Cardiff outside Tory & LibDem conferences which are both being held in the city on March 5th. We also decided to launch a petition calling on Labour councils to refuse to implement the ConDem cuts which we will present to Labour councillors after a march to their national local government conference in London on the same day. Let us know if you are interested taking part and supporting these events
Please feel free to contact us if you require a speaker for any event that you may be organising.

Rob Williams
NSSN vice-chair & anti-cuts committee

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