Wednesday, 16 March 2011

400 construction workers fight lock-out at BP Saltend, Hull

400 engineering construction workers have been locked out from work since 14 March at BP Saltend near Hull. Arriving for work on Monday, they were told by managers that their company Redhalls had had their contract terminated by Vivergo who run the new bio-ethanol plant.  
Two weeks ago, these same workers took unofficial strike action and blockaded the BP site gates to win a victory forcing Redhalls to abide by the national industry agreement over redundancy procedures.  
This time police were there in force which means that the company must have tipped them off. And a prepared letter handed to workers urged them to “go home peacefully …. and return the next day ready for work.” 
Workers returned on Tuesday to be told they were locked out. Electricians and scaffolders working for two other contractors have been stood down and will be paid 38 hours this week as per the Blue Book. But Redhalls workers have been promised nothing and will only be paid 38 hours for last weeks 46 hours of work!
Vivergo, which is majority owned by BP, issued a statement saying they had cancelled the mechanical and piping works contract because the works "should have been completed by February 2011".
The statement went on to say those works were "only 69% complete" and the construction site at Saltend had been closed for a period of assessment. It is not clear whether they want to mothball the project or get in new contractors.
But either way this is a lock-out and tearing up the national agreement. If the bosses can get away with this here, then they will try it everywhere. This dispute is as important as the Lindsey Oil Refinery (LOR) strikes in 2009.
Redhalls’ workers have set up a strike committee including LOR strike leader Keith Gibson. Plans have been made to protest against Vivergo and Redhalls and if the workers are not quickly re-instated with all monies owing, then a call will be made for a national walk-out by NAECI construction workers.
Messages of support to Keith Gibson: or 07743135183

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  1. This is a Bristol based company who have to accept some, emphasis on some of the blame for the mess that is Vivergo, but Akker process must equally be held responsible for their incompetence in allowing the project to be in such a mess. As usual the workers end up having to carry the can for the Managements inadequacies.