Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New issue of Socialism Today - Egypt's Revolution

The latest issue of The Socialist Party monthly magazine, Socialism Today is now out!
National Secretary, Peter Taaffe assesses the current situation in Egypt, prospects for the working class and poor peasants and their impact on the world.
"The Egyptian masses have shaken to the foundation the imperialist powers who believed they held all the reins in their hands. One placard held up in the post-Mubarak celebrations summed up the regional effects of the revolution: 'Two down, 20 to go'"- Taaffe.
In other articles, at a time when workers and youth prepare for the TUC called national demostration on March 26th in London, Lynn Walsh analyses the feeble conditions of British capitalism whilst Hannah Sell reviews the anti-cuts movement and what kind of strategy will be required to defeat the Con-Dem government.

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