Monday, 28 March 2011

Socialist Party meeting: How to defeat the cuts - Tomorrow 8th March 7.30pm

How to defeat the cuts: Lessons from the Liverpool Struggle

Tuesday 8th March 2011


Cheltenham Road Library, Bristol, BS6 5QX

On 26 March 2011 the British working class rose from its knees and took to the streets in an immense show of strength. The massive TUC demonstration against public spending cuts was well over half a million strong, possibly 700,000 or more. It will have a shattering affect on the farcical unity of the weak Con-Dem coalition and has boosted the confidence of millions of ordinary people. But most importantly it has led people to ask – what next? Where do we go from here? What will it take to defeat the cuts?
The Socialist Party has a fighting strategy - co-ordinated public sector strike action as a step towards generalised strike action if the government doesn't back down, and for local councils, especially Labour, to repudiate cuts and vote against them. If councillors are not prepared to fight then they should make way for those that will. That is why Tom Baldwin will look to the lessons of the Liverpool councillors of 1983-1987, who united the city on a programme of ‘No to All Cuts’ and forced concessions from the hated Thatcher government. All are welcome.

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