Monday, 21 March 2011

Coaches filling up for for Anti-Cuts demonstration next Saturday 26th

You will have to be quick if you still do not have a place on a union-organised coach for Saturday's TUC organised 'March for the Alternative'. 
This will be the biggest demonstration in Britain since February 2003. But  in many ways  it will be far more significant than that demonstration. This will be the biggest demonstration of the organised working class in over two decades. It will lay down a new marker if the consciousness of the working class. It will be a new high-water mark and the precursor to bigger events.
 March 26 will be a crucial part of the fight against the Con-Dem cuts but it has a wider significance in the broader context of the struggle for socialism. The crisis of capitalism in Britain, Europe and internationally continues; the capitalist class continues their long-term assault on working class living standards; the former workers’ parties and right-wing trade union leaders continue to discredit themselves as they collude in the cuts; there is a growing general acceptance that ‘taking to the streets does make a difference’ following the uprisings in the Middle East and labour movement protests in Wisconsin and other US states and the growing acceptance amongst important sections of the working class that ‘enough is enough’ and we have to fight back. These processes will deepen in the coming months.
Please visit - or if you have not already got yourself on a coach.

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