Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bristol Anti-Cuts events: NHS Emergency!

Andrew “Greedy” Lansley’s crazed plans to break-up and privatise the NHS have already started, despite Cameron’s spin that the plans are on ‘pause’.
Join BADACA supporters on the following three protests over the next week to voice your feelings about moves to turn Bristol Community Health (which provides many of our local NHS services) into a ‘Social Enterprise’, ripping up NHS contracts with staff and leaving our local services one corporate takeover away from being run for profit by some huge American health insurance company!!!
Thursday 26th May, 12 noon – 2pm: 1st Picket of Bristol Community Health Consultation – Easton –
Saturday 28th May, 12 noon – 2pm: Bristol UK Uncut – Emergency Operation – Broadmead –
Tuesday 31st May, 2pm – 4pm: 2nd Picket of Bristol Community Health Consultation – Southmead –

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