Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NSSN Conference - Saturday June 11th 2011

Form more info and to book tickets visit: http://www.shopstewards.net/conference.htm

The mighty TUC demonstration on March 26th showed once and for all that workers in Britain are prepared to fight when well over 500,000 demonstrated in London. The NSSN is holding its 5th annual conference 19 days before 800,000 workers could take strike action on June 30th against the ConDem coalition’s attacks on public sector pensions. This year our conference will be discussing the practical steps that union reps and activists can take to make sure that on the strike day every city in Britain is filled with marching workers - sending a warning to the ConDems that the next step should be a one day general strike to stop them trying to make us pay for the bankers' crisis.
The NSSN was initiated by the RMT in 2006 to try and build a real rank and file organisation in the trade unions. It has already shown its potential as an organiser of solidarity in early 2009 in the private sector disputes in Lindsey Oil Refinery, the Visteon occupation, Linamar and Vestas. This year, alongside our work in the anti-cuts movement, we have supported the 400 locked-out workers at BP Saltend in Hull, the blacklisted workers at the Olympic site, the victimised RMT tube workers and many other disputes.
Come to the NSSN conference and link up with hundreds of other workers facing the same issues in the workplace - in the private and public sector. We will be running sessions on the three big issues facing workers at the moment - Fighting to defend public sector pensions, saving the NHS and fighting for the very right to strike and organise, including ending the blacklist and victimisation.
To register in advance for the conference online, go here. Alternatively, emailinfo@shopstewards.net or phone 07816 134 690. Tickets cost £5.
If you'd like to stand for election to the NSSN Steering Committee, please emailinfo@shopstewards.net by 12noon on Thursday June 9th.

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