Monday, 2 May 2011

TUSC Against Cuts: Eve of Poll public meeting TOMORROW

Cross Keys Pub,
Fishponds Road,
BS16 3BA
Tuesday 3rd May 2011


Come along to the Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts eve of poll meeting and hear from your local TUSC candidates. In this part of the city Roger Thomas is standing in Eastville, Matt Gordon in Hillfields and Mark Baker in Frome Vale - TUSC are also standing in 16 seats across the city. We will be discussing the importance of our electoral challenge to the axemen in the three main parties, all set to hack at the living standards of ordinary Bristolians, as well as how we can take our campaign forward after May 5th. TUSC could well achieve the highest left vote Bristol has ever seen, and this will give a powerful impetus to the fightback against all cuts to jobs and services. Come along!


  1. So is this on Tuesday, or on the 2nd, or on the eve of the poll?

    This post doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence

  2. It was our eve of poll meeting yes, but for a variety of reasons on the Tuesday not the Wednesday. I don't think that matters, it was a very successful meeting and a pity you didn't make it.