Thursday, 5 May 2011

China: The Socialist - 10th issue of banned Chinese Marxist magazine out now

The tenth issue of Socialist magazine is now available. Already over 100 copies were sold on May Day demonstrations in Hong Kong and Taipei. Hundreds in mainland China will receive the magazine electronically as the deepening crackdown makes it impossible to distribute the printed version – Marxist ideas and publications like Socialist magazine are banned in “communist” China with serious consequences including inprisonment for “offenders”.

“We are very proud the magazine has come out for a tenth issue, under very difficult conditions,” declared a member of the production team. “We have made a lot of progress since the first issue appeared in January 2009, with more contributors and translators, new layout, and a stronger financial base – thanks to so many generous contributions from supporters and well-wishers. This is despite a massive police crackdown in China right now,” he said.

The editorial of this issue focuses on the new wave of arrests in China, including well-known artist Ai Weiwei. There is a feature section against nuclear power looking at the Fukushima disaster in Japan, Chernobyl 1986 and an article by Qiu Qing on China’s nuclear expansion plans. Gou Paixia looks at Hong Kong’s new minimum wage law and Zuo Ren examines the debate over mainland women giving birth in Hong Kong. This issue includes an in-depth interview with two public hospital doctors about Hong Kong’s hospital staffing crisis and doctors’ grievances. There are also features on China’s economy and the war in Libya. Other contributors to this issue include Rob Jones, Peter Taaffe, A Chou, J. M. Roy and Vincent Kolo.

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