Saturday, 14 May 2011

Government admits that privatisation doesn't work - at least for wine...

Government wine cellars have been in the news recently, spun both ways with some sources saying the cellars have avoided the government axes, while others using the same story to say it represents proof that we really are "all in this together"!
Now we know that is too hard to swallow, but not as hard as the top Tory Henry Bellingham who is quoted by the BBC - "...this is a resource that's used by government for government hospitality, for business hospitality, for visiting heads of state. If we sold the cellar we'd have to go out there and buy wine and ultimately that would be much, much more costly." In other words, privatisation doesn't save money and doesn't work! Well the Socialist Party could have told the government that. So why not apply that logic to the NHS, prisons, schools, etc? And while they are at it, the railways, utilities and all the other services and industries that have been flogged off over the years. Privatisation is legalised theft!

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