Sunday, 1 May 2011

Workers of the world unite! May Day greetings from the Bristol Socialist Party

Members of the Bristol Socialist Party would like to give warm May Day greetings for all those workers and activists fighting the cuts, fighting victimisation and oppression from the bosses, government and police, and fighting against capitalism. For a socialist transformation of the world! This May 5th people in Bristol should remember to vote Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts - lets send a clear message that we will not accept any cuts to jobs and services, lets give the city of Bristol the highest Left vote ever achieved. Our candidates are:

Bedminster - Robin CLAPP
Brislington East - Martyn AHMET
Brislington West - John YEANDLE
Cabot - Chris FARRELL
Clifton East - Paddy BURLAND
Clifton - Jack JEFFERY
Cotham - Amy HILLGROVE
Eastville - Roger THOMAS
Filwood - Wayne COOMBES
Frome Vale - Mark BAKER
Hillfields - Matt GORDON
Knowle - Domenico HILL
Lawrence Hill - Matt CAREY
St George East - Mike LUFF
St George West - Bernie LYONS
Windmill Hill - Tom BALDWIN

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